Joined by Josh Wood from and

Welcome to Remote Ruby! Today, we welcome back for a second time, Joshua Wood, from Honeybadger. The guys all reminisce with Josh about past conferences they all went to and share some funny stories. Josh talks about Honeybadger and his new project called “Heya.” The guys discuss licensing and which ones Josh likes to use. Also, there’s talk about a gem called Mailkick. Also, find out what Andrew likes about Honeybadger. Download this episode now!
[00:01:54] Chris asks Josh if there is a viewing party going on for RailsConf online stuff since RailsConf was canceled.  Josh explains what is going on and talks about a RailsConf Virtual Hallway that is planned. 

[00:09:05] Josh talks about what’s new at Honeybadger and how the transition’s been like for them.  

[00:11:49] There was something that caught the attention of the guys on Reddit recently that Josh released called “Heya.”  It’s been a side project of his at Honeybadger and he talks about it here. 

[00:20:37] Josh gives an overview of how Heya works. 

[00:35:18] Jason asks Josh about licensing and since it’s a bit different from other projects he’s seen, he asks Josh to talk more about how that works and how he came up with that. Josh mentions using a license called Prosperity Public and Dependabot which is Open Source.

[00: 039:55] Andrew brings up CodeFund being completely Open Source, cloning apps, and how the model is working for him. 

[00:42:25] Jason asks Josh if when a user gets subscribed to a campaign, but then wants to unsubscribe, is that something you have on your roadmap or is that just figuring out your notifications yourself?  Josh explains and he mentions a gem by Andrew Kane, called “Mailkick” which has worked very well. 

[00:48:12] To end the episode, Josh says to check out Honeybadger and Heya.  Andrew comments he likes the dark mode on Honeybadger! Also, Josh mentions he’s on a and to check it out.


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Joined by Josh Wood from and
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