BeagleBones, mRuby, and Devise 4.9 with Hotwire support!

On this episode of Remote Ruby, it’s another “Five Minutes of Nothing About Our Show” as the guys discuss Police Academy and the comedian Bobcat Goldthwait, a picture of Chris’s son dressed in Adidas gear, and Jason’s dilemma finding Adidas gear.  Now back to our regularly scheduled podcast topics, as Jason decided he needed a new hobby, so he bought a BeagleBone Black. We’ll hear how he used Elixir Nerves, Circuits, and some Ruby programming languages he’s been tinkering with. The guys discuss trying mruby, DragonRuby, Pi-hole, and Zeus.  Also, after two years, devise 4.9.0 was released thanks to Carlos, and you can find out all the cool new features here, as well as the new authentication stuff in Rails 7.1. Download this episode now to find out more! 

[00:02:26] Jason shares a journey he’s been on since his knee surgery and deciding he needed a hobby, so he ordered a BeagleBone Black, which is like a Raspberry Pi. 

[00:05:17] We hear how Jason used Elixir Nerves, which is a way to build Elixir apps on microcomputers and controllers, and he used a GPIO library called Circuits.

[00:07:56] We hear about some Ruby programming languages that Jason has been tinkering with such as Ruby 2D which is built on top of another library from the same author for C called Simple 2D, Chris mentions a library that he used for air quality sensor on the Raspberry Pi.

[00:09:16] Jason and Andrew talk about trying mruby and DragonRuby.

[00:12:17] Andrew wonders if anyone has tried Pi-hole.

[00:14:07] Chris talks about Big Clive, a hilarious guy on YouTube that you should check out if you want to get into soldering and circuits. 

[00:18:06] In case you don’t know, mruby is really cool and if Jason can find a use case for it, he’ll use it, and Matz is still actively working on it. The guys discuss the details between mruby and CRuby.

[00:21:48] Jason’s been looking at Rust and going through the tutorial has been a little scary to him, but they have a build system called Cargo and he tells us what it does. The guys bring up an old episode with Terence Lee where they talked about mruby.

[00:23:49] Have you heard of Zeus, not the Greek God but a Rails preloader? 
[00:24:59] Chris shares how fiddling with stuff and making things got all of them into programming, and how he’s still working on his project with wiring up LED lights in his home theater. 

[00:26:25] A BIG shout out to Carlos for getting devise 4.9.0 released with backward compatibility and Turbo and Hotwire support after two years of not working properly with Rails 7.

[00:30:42] Find out about all the new authentication stuff in Rails 7.1.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


BeagleBones, mRuby, and Devise 4.9 with Hotwire support!
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