Concurrency Problems Bro

Welcome to this episode of The Food Reviews: Remote Uber Eats, where you’ll find out Chili’s is the new golf course, Hooters does not serve southern seafood, restaurants that have ghost kitchens, and Applebee’s tableside electronic games trap. We’ll also hear about the new Stimulus Outlets API, concurrency problems, Jason using Stripe event and adding webhooks for his Stripe account, Chris tells us about using Friendly ID, Jason explains what routing constraints does, and Andrew shares a pro tip with creating class methods. Also, there’s a new little gem Chris has been working on called ReviseAuth, and he’s looking for contributors if you want to help him out. Download this episode now to find out more!
[00:01:52] There’s a Remote Uber Eats Food Review going on here.

[00:07:20] Andrew explains the new Stimulus Outlets API and what it does.

[00:12:58] Jason talks about this week and dealing with isolated things that are decoupled and battling race conditions with events firing. Chris mentions it has concurrency problems and makes things much harder.   

[00:16:14] Speaking of webhooks, Jason shifts gears and tells us about a Tweet from Wes Bos that ruined his morning. Also, he explains that he’s only been doing connected webhooks on Job Boardly, what he did with stripe event, and wonders if Chris encountered what he did with stripe event.

[00:20:04] When Jason looked into Stripe event, he noticed you can give multiple signing secrets since there’s a separate secret for each connect and regular and we find out how it’s used.

[00:22:30] In case you didn’t know, Stripe event isn’t a Stripe package, it’s a third-party gem for processing stripe webhooks and the guys explain how it works. Also, Chris talks about the friendly id history feature and Jason tells us about using routing constraints. 

[00:26:05] Chris feels like not enough people use the routing constraints and Jason details what routing constraints does and how he uses it with a board constraint.

[00:31:48] What’s the downside to current attributes and we’ve got concurrency problems, bro! 

[00:34:55] Chris gives a shoutout to Carlos Antonio who’s working on fixing up Responders and Devise, which is so needed. Also, he shares one of the Jumpstart customers talking about integrating with an API that doesn’t have a Ruby gem, and Chris tells us he had a trick up his sleeve and what he did. 

[00:43:17] Andrew shares a pro tip of creating class methods, and we hear about a new little gem Chris started working on called, ReviseAuth, and he’s looking for contributors.
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Concurrency Problems Bro
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