Rails SaaS and a Shaved Stache

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! Jason and Andrew are back from the Rails SaaS Conference that was held in Los Angeles, California, and they have so much to share about all the awesome talks they went to, people they ran into, and fond memories they made. We’ll also hear about the makeup artist who trimmed Jason’s mustache, his shower mishap at the hotel, and the love of Hi-Chew fruity candy Jason and Andrew share. Also, if you’re wondering where Chris is, Baby “Go Rails” Jackson was born, so he’s spending some much-needed time with his family. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!
[00:04:11] Jason and Andrew have a chat about seeing Drew Bragg at the Rails SaaS Conference and things they enjoyed about it.

[00:07:50] We hear about all the talks at the conference from Nadia Odunayo, Joe Masilotti, Michael Buckbee, Don Pottinger, Adam Pallozzi, and Saron Yitbarek.

[00:15:27] We learn why the guys had to leave the intergalactic cantina early, and they tell us about more of the talks from Todd Dickerson, Colleen Schnettler, Evan Phoenix, and Mike Coutermarsh.

[00:21:26] Jason’s explains his fun talk on the Rails Renaissance, find out why Andrew sat up front for it, and the last talk from Andrew Culver, who went through a lot of Bullet Train things.  

[00:24:12] Jason gives a shout-out to Paula, the makeup artist, and we hear what she did to Jason’s mustache.

[00:26:19] Andrew gives a big shout-out to Andrew Culver who organized the conference and making it so much fun. 

[00:26:56] Jason announces he’s finally working on his Active Record Course stuff now, and Andrew tells us about how he’s been working on Kredis.

[00:28:23] We end with a story about how Jason slipped out of the shower and now has a bruise the size of an IHOP pancake on his leg.

Jason Charnes
Andrew Mason


Rails SaaS and a Shaved Stache
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