Phlexing with Joel Drapper

Today, we learn Jason doesn’t know how to whistle, Andrew is going skydiving, and Chris tried skydiving once and almost died. We also have joining us as our guest, Joel Drapper, who’s the author of the new view component library called, Phlex. We’ll find out more about Phlex, how he’s making the benchmarks, all the performance things he’s been doing with it, and what he’s focused on happening for Phlex in the next few months. Also, if you’re a Junior Developer, Joel sheds some light on why you should learn Phlex. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!
[00:03:50] Joel tells us about himself, what led him to creating Phlex, and what problem he was trying to solve with it.

[00:08:13] We find out the testing story and how the reception has been with Phlex.

[00:13:45] Andrew brings up how Joel has been doing a lot of performance stuff with Phlex and Joel explains how he’s making the benchmarks and how he’s figuring out all these performance things.

[00:16:53] Joel shares some interesting things he’s tried that were easy and one that had the biggest impact. 

[00:22:04] Joel tells us a good example of something that’s not a smart thing to do in application code, but they’ve decided to do in Phlex.

[00:23:33] Find out what Joel is focused on happening for Phlex in the next few months.

[00:26:08] Since this is Joel’s first big open source project with over one hundred stars, Andrew asks if he had any contributors or if he’s looking for contributors. 

[00:30:02] We hear Joe’s response to someone on Twitter who said, “If’ I’m a Junior, should I learn Phlex?”  

[00:34:17] Joel lets us know the next big thing he wants to work on with Phlex.
[00:36:17] We find out where you can follow Joel online, and he tells us a little about his show called, Naming Things. 

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Phlexing with Joel Drapper
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