Benedikt Deicke on Ember.js, Database Optimizations, and more

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! On this episode, Chis tells us that Hatchbox v2 is now available, so go check it out! We are also joined by our guest, Benedikt Deicke, a Rails developer from Germany and Co-founder at Userlist, which is an email automation platform for SaaS applications. Benedikt is here to talk with us about building products with Rails, scaling those products, Ember.js, and Userlist. He also shares some tips and a great tool he uses for starting out on Postgres Performance. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!
[00:01:51] Jason and Chris discuss the launching of Hatchbox v2. 

[00:05:54] Benedikt tells us about himself and what he does.

[00:06:55] We learn when Benedikt started using Ember, how long he’s been building Userlist, and if he had experience working in Rails API mode with Ember.

[00:09:54] Benedikt explains what the process of scaffolding looks like and if ever has to manage and make things happen in sync when he makes a change that affects both sides.

[00:11:18] Jason explains what Ember does and we find out if it’s in that same vein as React, Vue, and Angular.

[00:14:28] We hear what the process is like keeping up to date with things like new Ember releases and new Rails releases.

[00:16:40] Benedikt tells us how many developers he has at Userlist, if he’s doing more of the Rails side of things, and what it’s been like going from a technical Co-founder and the only one developing the application and bringing someone else in to work with it.

[00:18:27] Since Benedikt launched Userlist in 2019, he tells us some challenges he faces with building and growing it, as well as any challenges with technical stuff he wanted to build but couldn’t to focus on marketing and getting new customers.

[00:21:10] Chris asks Benedikt if he picked up an editor that was pre-made, like an Ember plug-in, just to use the first version. He tells us some challenges he ran into as he was building it.
[00:24:02] We find out some multiple solutions Benedikt and his team came up with when they tried to update one column in a database that stopped everything. 

[00:25:30] Jason wonders if Benedikt is doing databases at Heroku or if he’s explored another database host.

[00:26:46] We hear some other database performance things Benedikt’s had to implement solutions for.

[00:28:03] Chris wonders how comfortable Benedikt was with SQL before he started, if he had to learn a whole bunch of things on the fly, realizing it may be a challenge, and he explains how he’s implementing things with a lot of Arel.

[00:30:06] Benedikt talks about what his day looks like for him, how he balances his week to do everything as a Co-Founder, and if he gets to code a decent amount.

[00:32:57] Andrew heard Benedikt is really good at Postgres Performance and he wonders if there’s any tips he can share for starting out. He tells us about his greatest tool which is pgMustard.

[00:35:21] Find out where you can follow Benedikt and Userlist online.

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Benedikt Deicke on Ember.js, Database Optimizations, and more
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