RailsConf 2022 At Home Podcast Panel

You’re in for a real treat today. This is the RailsConf 2022 At Home Podcast Panel and we’re excited to be bringing you this episode from our homes. Brittany Martin, from The Ruby on Rails Podcast is our moderator, and she’s joined by other popular podcasters including, Aaron Francis from Framework Friends, Andy Croll from Chats in the Cupboard, Brian Mariani, from The Ruby on Rails, Drew Bragg, from Code and the Coding Coders who Code It, Jemma Issroff, from The Ruby on Rails, and yours truly, Jason Charnes, who doesn’t have his sidekicks joining him today. Brittany will be asking some opening questions to each of the panelists, and there are guests who will be supplying us with questions as well. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more!
[00:00:42] Each panelist gives us an introduction, where they’re calling from, and what they’re known for. 

[00:04:23] Aaron tells us about Tuple and what he does there. 

[00:06:51] Andy shares his thoughts on why it matters to him that we had a successful in-person RailsConf and if he thinks conference participation is going to keep people in the community.

[00:08:11] As a virtual community organizer, Jemma tells us how attendees of a virtual conference like RailsConf could get the most out of it, and Jason shares how his experience was speaking on Day 3.

[00:10:06] Brian explains the difference between a career and a job and if you can build a career around working Ruby on Rails.

[00:12:32] Jason tells us what it’s going to take for Hanami to make it and what “making it” even means, Andy shares his thoughts on Hanami, and we find out if Brian has ever gotten any requests for Hanami.

[00:16:42] Since Drew is the newest addition to the Ruby Podcast community, we hear how it’s been going for him so far, he shares some lessons for those who are thinking about starting a podcast, and Jemma and Andy share some advice.

[00:20:28] Aaron brings up what Jemma was talking about and expands on how frameworks and podcasts are similar and gives some recommendations for breaking out of the Ruby community and listening to other ideas in other communities.
[00:23:00] Brittany asks Drew two questions: “Does that mean you’re going to be on the dating market at some point for a co-host and what are you looking for?” And a listener asks, “What’s up with ViewComponents?”

[00:24:35] Brian gives us tips for employers who are looking to hire now, and Brittany tells us she’s a huge fan of The Art of Product Podcast.

[00:26:58] Jason explains how podcasts can stay connected with their listeners and Drew mentions going on GoRails discord, Andy mentions Ruby-Talk and TikTok, and Jemma mentions the Open Source communities as places to go to connect with your listeners.

[00:29:32] Jemma tells us how she’s been enjoying working on Ruby itself and where she gets the tips she posts in Ruby Weekly, and Andy tells us why he writes his blog.

[00:31:50] How is Aaron so good at Twitter?

[00:33:31] Brian explains how much it matters about actual community content that someone’s putting out in terms of finding a job, Andy mentions to take dates off blog posts, and Aaron, Jemma, Drew, and Jason talk about sharing content. 

[00:38:12] Andy tells us if you want to start a conference he can help you, and he shares some tips on how he pulls off doing the Brighton Ruby Conference.

[00:40:27] Jason takes us home and closes us out with a deep thought.  

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RailsConf 2022 At Home Podcast Panel
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