Twitter Q&A and Railsconf Advice For First Timers

Andrew is back at his Adidas wardrobe again, and Jason calls it BAE, Big Adidas Energy! We also find out that Andrew did some stuff with his GitHub actions repo and a couple of weeks ago the guys Tweeted out, “What do you want us to talk about?” and today, that’s what this episode is about. They pulled up a few Tweets which were about learning Rails without knowing how to read documentation, Matestack, and what first timers should know or do before going to RailsConf. The guys divulge everything they know that should help you to be conference ready. Don’t forget to say hello to them and say the secret password which we bet you won’t forget! Go ahead and download this episode now!
[00:01:22] Andrew tells us about a blog post he put out about his Twitter profile image and some stuff he did with his GitHub actions repo.

[00:05:29] The Tweet sharing begins. Tweet #1 topic is someone who’s learning Rails, has no idea how to read the documentation or where to go, and getting lost easily. 

[00:13:55] Tweet #2 topic is about Matestack, and Jason brings up a previous episode they did where they talked about it with Jonas Jabari.

[00:14:47] Tweet #3 topic is about what first timers at RailsConf should know or do by the time this episode airs.  

[00:19:02] Andrew tells us about people giving massages in the exhibition hall and he’s going to be devasted if they don’t do them this year. ☺

[00:19:36] The guys share some conference advice for first timers going to RailsConf, such as meeting new friends, taking notes, and talking to people who are speakers. 

[00:24:54] Andrew brings up how to choose between talks and workshops, and Jason encourages everyone to go to the podcast panel recording since they will all be there.

[00:26:44] Jason brings back the meeting people topic and mentions some dinner ideas, and Chris mentions meeting people at the evening events they have.

[00:28:31] Go to Mike Perham’s website where he has all the events listed going on during the week.
[00:29:48] Andrew talks about seeing your Ruby Heroes at RailsConf and not to be intimidated.

[00:35:34] Tweet #4 is “Bet!”

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


Twitter Q&A and Railsconf Advice For First Timers
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