Taylor Otwell, creator of the Laravel Framework

Jason kept his promise about doing an episode about Laravel, and today is the day!! Not only are we talking about the Laravel framework, but Jason got the creator, Taylor Otwell, as our guest today! We’ll learn where Laravel came from and a bootstrapper’s dream story. We find out what led Taylor into building his vast library, what his favorite Laravel package is, how Rails has influenced Laravel, and what’s next for Laravel. Also, the new Laravel Documentary just came out so go check that out. Go ahead and download this episode!
[00:01:12] We start with Taylor explaining where Laravel came from.  

[00:03:32] Taylor tells us what Laravel 1.0 looks like and more about validations happening at the controller layer.

[00:07:18] After version 1 comes out, Jason asks Taylor if he’s still at the trucking company and what the reception was like in the community.

[00:11:16] We learn how the transition went for Taylor from working at UserScape and making Laravel his full-time job. 

[00:13:44] Taylor explains how he split his time between working on Forge and working on the framework itself.

[00:15:13] Jason asks how the whole Rails framework on Lambda came about and what some of the technical challenges were.

[00:17:02] We find out how Taylor makes code so appealing. 

[00:18:47] Jason brings up how there are a lot of first party packages in Laravel and asks Taylor if this blossomed over the years or if he realized he wanted all these things just baked into the framework.

[00:23:39] Chris likes how Forge came out Taylor building his own stuff, and Taylor explains how the Ruby and JavaScript communities have such a wider variety of talented programmers.
[00:26:09] We find out about what led Taylor into building Forge, Envoyer, Laravel Spark, Laravel Cashier, and Laravel Nova.

[00:28:21] Find out what Taylor’s favorite Laravel package is.

[00:30:11] Taylor gives us examples of how Rails has influenced Laravel. 

[00:32:04] Chris wonders is Taylor was familiar with a lot of stuff when he started Laravel or if there’s was a lot of learning along the way.

[00:36:45] Jason asks Taylor about Laravel Mix, a wrapper around Webpack, and he explains how front-end development in the Laravel world and Rails world is in a period of exploration.

[00:42:57] Find out about the Laravel Documentary that just came out! 

[00:45:01] What’s next for Laravel?

[00:47:43] If you want to try Laravel, find out the easiest way to get started, and Taylor tells us how starting his own business has been and the challenges.

[00:53:45] Find out where you can follow Taylor online.

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Taylor Otwell, creator of the Laravel Framework
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