Getting a Junior Developer Job with Jason Meller and Caitlin Cabrera

On this episode today, we have two great guests joining us, Jason Meller, who is the Founder and CEO of Kolide, and he brought with him Caitlin Cabrera, who is a Ruby Rails Programmer and a new employee at Kolide. We are going to find out more about Caitlyn’s journey into how she got her job at Kolide and what it’s like to be someone who’s a Junior Engineer. Caitlin explains more about how the interview process was for her, and Jason tells us about the assessment process they came up for her interview. We find out a challenge Jason’s having right now as an interviewer, some words of wisdom from Caitlin if you’re a Junior Developer out there looking for a job, and a deep conversation about ADHD. Also, Kolide is hiring, so download this episode to find out more!
[00:02:40] Jason gives us an explanation of what Kolide is, how they found Caitlin, and why they decided to hire her.

[00:06:09] Andrew asks Jason when he was looking for someone for a mid to senior position, and what led him to believe that maybe that’s someone who doesn’t fit into a senior category but can still have the impact of someone with a senior paycheck.

[00:08:42] Find out the most impactful thing that Andrew’s company did for him as a Junior Developer, and Caitlin shares her journey to how she got to her current position.

[00:16:04] With Caitlin doing the contract work and getting experience before getting her first job, Chris wonders if that helped her when she was applying.

[00:17:25] We find out how the interview process was for Caitlin and Jason explains the process the team came up with for her interview.

[00:23:53] Jason tells us what makes a good interview and Caitlin and Andrew share some great interviewing tips. 

[00:28:25] Andrew asks Caitlin if any of her interviews were actually good ones and if there were any jobs she would have felt miserable working at. 

[00:30:36] Andrew talks about platforms out there to get help if you are a bad interviewer, and Jason explains more about the management way shifting towards employers learning a style of interviewing to get what they need out of the process.

[00:33:34] Jason tells us some big challenges he’s experiencing being an interviewer, and he shares something he didn’t know about bootcamps. 
[00:37:52] If you’re a Junior out there looking for a job, Caitlin shares some advice and words of wisdom. 

[00:41:18] Chris wonders what Jason’s strategy is on making sure that Caitlin is well supported and can get questions answered and absorb everything she can to flourish at Kolide.

[00:49:32] We end with a deep conversation on ADHD. 

[00:57:43] Jason announces Kolide is hiring! 

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Getting a Junior Developer Job with Jason Meller and Caitlin Cabrera
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