RubyConf 2021 | Talks We Liked and People We Met

Today, the conversation is all about RubyConf. You can just hear it in their voices how much fun they had just being with all their friends, catching up, eating out, and lots of great talks they went to. You won’t want to miss finding out the two things that Jason doesn’t like. Hint, one rhymes with schmarmabillo! Jason tells us more about Matz’s talk on the Ruby 3 Nexus, Chris fills us in on a new screencast he just did on the new load_async in Rails 7, and we find out some new things happening in the Ruby world. Go ahead and download this episode now to hear more funny stories from the guys!

[00:00:52] The guys chat about being at RubyConf, how they recorded a live episode with six people, what they talked about, and something about a stellar ending.   

[00:02:50] Andrew and Jason talk about what happened from the first day of RubyConf and from then on, between meeting up with people, eating with friends, doing a lot of walking, hugging, and talking with so many people. 

[00:06:39] Jason tells us more about Matz’s talk on the Ruby 3 Nexus.

[00:10:49] Jason explains another thing Matz talked about regarding how there will not be a lot of language features focused on right now, but more performance and tooling. 

[00:12:38] Chris tells us about the new screencast he just did on the new load_async in Rails 7 you should check out. 

[00:16:25] We hear some funny stories from Jason about how he saw Andrew “Hella triggered” two times this week.

[00:17:53] The guys discuss the best thing about being at conferences especially since they haven’t happened in two years due to COVID. 

[00:20:37] The conversation turns to impromptu get togethers at the conference and some stories from Jason, and Andrew announces they scheduled some upcoming guests for the podcast from this conference so stay tuned. 

[00:24:01] Jason acknowledges the recent passing of Mike Rogers and all he did for the Ruby community. 
[00:25:51] New in the Ruby world, Ruby 3.1.0 the alpha came out and the changes with YJIT and how the app will be faster. 

[00:28:12] Find out what who was dressed in Adidas gear all week at the conference and two things that Jason doesn’t like! ☺

[00:29:47] Jason and Andrew tell us what their favorite part of the conference was.

[00:35:20] Andrew gives a big thank you to Ruby Central for doing the conference, the Ruby community, and the organizers and sponsors. Also, Jason and Andrew tell us their favorite things they learned from some of the talks. 

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason



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