Ruby on the Apple M1 Max And Things You Expect To Be Fine But Arent

Today, we have Chris and Andrew in the house talking about how long their week was filled with a delay of windows at Chris’s house and Andrew shipping a new project at work. Let’s hope they can look through the glass to a better week ahead! In this episode, Andrew tells us about being in crunch time mode with the project he was working on and DNS issues he encountered, and Chris tells us why he’s been postponing the new Hatchbox launch. We learn why Chris loves his new Mac, installing issues on a new M1 Mac, issues with Sass, and the abandoned Ember CLI Rails gem. Also, a new GoRails Screencast is coming up soon with Chris and Kasper and find out more about the awesome tutorial that came out on “Deploying a Rails application to Kubernetes.”
[00:00:32] Andrew tells us they shipped a new project at work this week they’ve been working on for a few months, and although it went pretty smoothly, he explains some bumps they had along the way and dealing with crunch time. Chris shares an issue and why he’s been postponing the launch of the new Hatchbox. 

[00:04:13] We hear more about propagating the DNS and how long it took.

[00:08:28] Andrew mentions using the Proxyman app and what it does. 

[00:09:15] Chris tells us about his new Mac, and he can’t believe how fast it is!

[00:13:56] Andrew talks about some issues with installing Ruby 2.6.3 and building things in Docker on a new M1 Mac that a developer on his team just got.

[00:17:24] Chris explains his upgrading issues on an older app he was working on this week and realized it was a Sass change he made. Ironically, Andrew ran into something very similar with Sass as well. 

[00:20:57] We hear about the Ember CLI Rails gem and Chris brings up that there is no solution on how to take an abandoned project like this and just keep maintaining it and he wishes there was a better solution.  

[00:25:43] Andrew mentions every time you add a gem, you need to be aware of the amount of code debt you will have, and he shares what happened to him when he was a beginning developer. Chris explains why he would rather build it from scratch in the app to tailor it to exactly what they need. 

[00:29:48] Chris announces a new GoRails Screencast coming up with Kasper and what they’ll be talking about.
[00:35:25] Find out more about the awesome and very thorough tutorial on “Deploying a Rails application to Kubernetes” that you should check out! 

[00:39:25] Chris and Andrew chat about the importance of being Rails Developers and not working on DevOps stuff. 

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Ruby on the Apple M1 Max And Things You Expect To Be Fine But Arent
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