Destroy Async, Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Parcel

We get an update about Jason’s power outage that happened last week, Chris tell us about an exciting point his house is at right now, and Jason has a billion dollar business idea for Chris that has to do with Pringles and shingles, and sadly Andrew puts that idea in the “gutter.” So pop open a can of Pringles or hit the Taco Bell drive-thru because the boys are about to take a deep dive into callbacks, some gems called Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Noticed, and find out more about Parcel and Rails Event Store. Also, the guys share stories about JQuery and what’s going on with Rails 7.
[00:10:32] Jason tells us what he’s been working on this week and a problem with quickly deleting a record that has associations and callbacks.

[00:13:53] We learn more about the gem Miss Hannigan.

[00:16:15] Chris talks about whether or not to include soft deletes in the default scope, because you end up with gotchas, and Andrew tells us the importance of putting more work and thought into your data architecture, the easier it be to modify and do things later. 

[00:19:47] Andrew asks the guys if it’s okay to just use the default scope.

[00:22:30] Jason fills us in on how they use the Wisper gem at Podia for event broadcasting.

[00:24:32] Chris explains something he was doing this week relating to callbacks and the Noticed gem.

[00:28:04] Jason tells us about Rails Event Store and Chris brings up StripeEvent gem.

[00:30:15] Chris asks the guys if they realized that imports are hoisted in JavaScript, and he explains. 

[00:33:31] The guys share stories about using JQuery.

[00:35:22] Jason messed with a bundler that he made work with JS bundling called Parcel, and it is awesome! 

[00:41:35] Chris wonders if the guys have seen any updates to the asset pipeline in Propshaft, and Andrew has an answer and a link below with the explanation.

[00:44:49] Chris wonders how much is blocking Rails 7 at this point since the JavaScript and CSS stuff has been solved or almost solved. We also find out how Tailwind came to Chris’s rescue when doing a course with Hotwire. 

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


Destroy Async, Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Parcel
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