Propshaft, Engines, and Turbo | Uh This Isn't a Car Repair Podcast

If you’ve accidentally clicked on this podcast due to its title thinking we’re going to talk about the advantages of the Ford Coyote over the Chevy LS, sorry to disappoint! Our boyz run Rails under their hood. ☺ On this week’s episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrews cruise through Propshaft, Engines, Turbo, Hotwire, and more! So put the pedal to the metal as we go into overdrive on this episode of Remote Ruby!
[00:00:50] The guys chat about the new release of Turbo 7.0.1.

[00:01:46] Chris tells us how he moved all of the GoRails, CSS, and JavaScript from Webpacker into CSS and JS bundling, and it went pretty smooth except for something dumb he did. 

[00:04:50] Propshaft is brought up and we learn what it does.  

[00:08:44] Why do we need the hashes at the end? Andrew explains why it’s all about caching. 

[00:11:08] Ryan Bates is mentioned since he commented on the Propshaft repo. Also, Ryan, if you are listening, we would love for you to be a guest on our show!  ☺

[00:12:39] Hotwire is the topic here, and although it’s been released, but not officially, Chris tells us some things that are noteworthy. Jason tells us more about the Stimulus 3 stuff and the ability to the callbacks on targets.

[00:20:33] Chris shares something that happened when he was looking at fixing a few things with madmin.

[00:24:41] Chris asks the guys if they’ve ever gone into the weeds on engines and initializers in them and all the different callbacks. 

[00:30:22] Andrew fills us in on what his experience has been like working with Engines in the past month and Chris tells us what his approach for Jumpstart Pro has been.

[00:35:33] We hear a story from Chris when he was learning Rails, and he mentions using Lockbox.

[00:38:46] Chris wonders if the guys started a PR for Rails 7, and Andrew tells us how it’s going. 

[00:41:30] Since Jason is a Safari user, Chris wonders if he has run into the bug where the CSRF token or the hidden fields can get overridden by Safari and the guys chat about it. 
[00:45:52] Jason really wanted to talk about Phoenix LiveView because he read a bunch about it and he’s super interested in it, but he’s saving it for the next episode.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason


Propshaft, Engines, and Turbo | Uh This Isn't a Car Repair Podcast
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