Making Magic with ImageMagick

As of today, RubyConf registration is now live so get your tickets! On today’s episode, we find out more about Jason’s interesting project he’s working on with a Mockup Generator and how MiniMagick has been working very well for him doing the commands, but he’s looked into using Cloudinary as well. We also get a little lesson on the magic behind ImageMagick, and hear more about the Rails 7 upgrade, Turbolinks, and Turbo. The conversation takes the back roads to the end of the episode talking about Mailchimp being sold to Intuit, hope that MicroConf happens next year, and how Reddit plays a role in why Jason thinks he lives in St. Louis, even though he actually lives in Memphis.
[00:03:38] Jason tells us about an interesting project he’s been working on this week with a Mockup Generator, and he’s on the Ruby side of it now. He tells us how he’s rendering the images on top of each other with a React component called Design.

[00:09:29] Andrew asks Jason what happens if you have a P and G layer on top of a JPEG. Chris wonders if Jason is doing the commands with image processing, MiniMagick, or RMagick, and if he’s doing all of them once or two at a time. Jason mentions looking into Cloudinary and Andrew gives a shout out to Cloudinary. 

[00:14:22] Find out what ImageMagick is and how magical it is. 

[00:15:56] Jason talks about hoping to put this project out soon, moving it off Webpacker to esbuild and Chris explains us how easy it was for him with Jumpstart to move everything over in an hour from Webpacker, to esbuild, and the CSS bundling.

[00:25:41] The guys chat about the good laugh they had on Twitter about Rails 7. Andrew tells us he started the upgrade and he had a turbo links thing going on.  Jason tells us they haven’t used Turbolinks at Podia but they’re trying Turbo in certain parts of the app. 

[00:27:50] Chris asks Jason with the upgrade process and Turbo trying to take over all your forms and links if he’s doing that piecemeal. Jason explains what Andrea came up with for them, and Andrew comments that is going to solve all his problems. ☺

[00:31:06] Andrew announces he’s been trying to get Konnor on this show for a while to talk about mru.js, so this is his invitation to come on! 

[00:35:00] We’re taking the back roads to the end with the guys chatting about Mailchimp being sold for $12 billion to Intuit, hope that MicroConf happens next year, and why Jason thinks he lives in St. Louis, which has to do with him being on Reddit. 

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Making Magic with ImageMagick
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