Pay V3 & Coding without Resposibilities

You are in for a real treat with today’s episode, as Andrew plays therapist to Chris since he’s taking on the task of refactoring Pay. Then we switch gears, as the guys reflect and look back on the memories of high school and college, that evoke nostalgia and how much they miss those days of playing video games, long nights just hacking on something, building projects for fun, and hanging out with friends! Download this episode now to reminisce with Chris and Andrew and hear some great stories!

[00:02:51] Chris tells us about taking on the task of refactoring Pay. 
[00:03:48] Find out about the first open source project Chris did in programming called “Keryx,” and how this refactoring he’s doing brought him back those days of reminding him how he needs to go make these changes and wondering how he’s going to do them.

[00:07:20] Chris takes us through what happened for his first couple of attempts in the refactoring of Pay and the challenges he encountered and announces that Pay 3 is around the corner. ☺

[00:14:06] Chris explains the problems he was trying to solve with Pay.

[00:19:20] The guys reminisce and share stories about college life, long nights just hacking on something, and building projects for fun.

[00:25:27] Chris and Andrew bring up going to college for CS and getting to a point where they felt that they didn’t like programming anymore. Andrew mentions how he was not into Java and how Ruby brought a spark in him, and Chris mentions he hated doing Visual Basic.
[00:31:11] Listen to a story from Chris about when he started programming and learning to do graphics for video games.

[00:33:54] Masters of Doom book is explained by Chris, which is about the story of John Carmack and John Romero, who are referred to as the Lennon and McCartney of video games. Andrew and Chris talk about their video games days when they were in high school and college.  

[00:39:15 Andrew shares the one thing that really helped him out when he was college and the nostalgia hits both Andrew and Chris just talking about it. 

Chris Oliver
Andrew Mason



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