MEGA Crossover Episode (The Bike Shed x Rails with Jason x Remote Ruby x Ruby on Rails Podcast)

Today, you are in for a real treat! This is a sweeps week episode, the epic “Crossover Mega Episode” with seven podcast hosts! We have Brittany Martin from The Ruby on Rails Podcast as our host, along with Chris Oliver, Jason Charnes, and Andrew Mason from Remote Ruby, Stephanie Viccari and Chris Toomey from The Bike Shed, and Jason Swett from The Rails with Jason Podcast. Today we’re going to cover the origins of our shows, our experiences as hosts, and why podcasting is so important in keeping the Ruby community thriving. Go ahead and download this episode now!
[00:01:02] Chris, Jason, and Andrew tell us the story behind Remote Ruby and how it started. 
[00:03:42] Jason Swett tells us the origin of where Rails with Jason came from. 

[00:04:42] Chris Toomey and Stephanie share the story behind The Bike Shed. 

[00:07:10] Brittany tells us her story behind The Ruby on Rails podcast. 

[00:08:07] We find out how Remote Ruby and The Bike Shed are put together and planned out week to week. 

[00:10:50] Jason Swett and Brittany tell us how they select guests for their podcasts. 

[00:12:20] Brittany is curious to know if any of the panelists could host the podcast they are currently hosting now if they weren’t actively working in Ruby.

[00:16:00] Brittany wonders if Steph has ever had a client from thoughtbot say, Hey, were you talking about me, whenever she’s talking about her current client on the podcast.

[00:16:44] Andrew fills us in on how things have changed for him since he’s not working at CodeFund which was an open source thing and people could see what he was actively working on. Now he’s working for a company where it’s closed source and you might not be able to reveal as much as much what he’s working on at any given time.

[00:19:32] The topic we discuss here is if there is a way to market the podcasts so that other developers will listen to it, and if there’s a way we can make our podcasts accessible to the general software community as opposed to just Ruby.

[00:22:23] The panelists share their views on if there is room for more Ruby on Rails Podcasts outside of the ones that are on this episode today. 
[00:25:15] Brittany is curious and wonders if anyone ever had the funny experience of realizing that you’re not just podcasting into the ether and what you’re saying and doing matters. 

[00:28:15] The conversation shifts to legacies which is a good one!  We find out if anybody puts any thought into the legacy of their podcast, whether or not they will stay with it to the end, if they will eventually pass it off, and whether or not they think about it’s their responsibility to the community to make sure that it keeps going. 

[00:32:54] We wrap up this fantastic mega episode with everyone telling us where you can listen to their podcast and where you can follow them online.

Brittany Martin

Chris Oliver
Jason Charnes
Andrew Mason
Stephanie Viccari
Chris Toomey
Jason Swett


MEGA Crossover Episode (The Bike Shed x Rails with Jason x Remote Ruby x Ruby on Rails Podcast)
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