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Chris is still on vacation, but the good news is, Jason and Andrew are not! They are here today with so much to talk about. Jason has been doing more Inertia and he tells us what he’s been doing with it, and Andrew has some things to share about it. We learn about using axios, validation, and MutationObserver. The conversations then take a turn to Webpacker. Andrew explains how it’s easier to understand, now that they took a lot of the “magic” away and why he highly recommends reading through the Webpack docs since it can be super frustrating. They talk about using Babel and more about the “Guides” tab in RubyGems. Also, Andrew had to get something out of his system and makes a really serious and bold statement! ☺
[00:01:42] Last week the guys discussed using Inertia, and Jason tell us he’s been doing more Inertia and messing with forms, “axios” is explained, and using validation. 
[00:10:18] Jason talks about showing  some people what he’s been doing with Inertia and someone asked him how he was going to handle flash. Jason tells us what he did, and Andrew shares some thoughts on this.

[00:12:27] At Podia, Jason said they have a MutationObserver and what it does. Andrew tells us about the Shop Talk Show Podcast- Episode 471, where Dave Rupert talked about how a MutationObserver can lead to a memory leak.   

[00:14:45] We find out that Jason decided to bite the bullet and keep going with Inertia on an app, wanting to use Tailwind UI and all that, what Webpacker 5 has, what it does, and Andrew explains why they had to add that.

[00:20:24] Jason tells us about how Webpacker 6 seems less in your face, like verbose as Webpacker 5, and he asks Andrew if that makes sense and if he’s wrong about that. Andrew explains that they took away a lot of the magic, and the magic is what made it work out of the box for an average use case, and it’s really easy to understand now.

[00:25:20] Jason pulls up the docs, he sees react is supported, you need to add relevant packages, so he added Babel preset react, but it didn’t configure anything. He asks Andrew if Babel just knows and Andrew helps him out. 

[00:28:37] Jason brings up Webpacker and mentions Andrew’s “7 Part Series” on Webpacker 6, and he asks him some questions about it.

[00:31:32] Andrew informs us that RubyGems has a Guides tab and he explains what it does.

[00:34:18] Andrew talks about a Tweet he got regarding a repo he made back in 2018, which had Rails 6, React, Webpacker, and Tailwind. Also, he highly recommends reading through some of the Webpack docs to help you understand Webpack since it can be super frustrating. 

[00:43:20] Andrew has a really serious and bold statement he makes that he just had to get out of his system! ☺

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