Kubernetes, JSX for Ruby, and more with Cameron Dutro

Some exciting news this week, Jason’s wife had their baby early and mom and baby are doing great! Andrew is surviving as he calls it, the big, mad, hot weather in Arizona, and construction has started on Chris’s new house. We are missing Jason today, but we do have on the show a special guest, Cameron Dutro, a Ruby on Rails Developer who works for Salesforce. Cameron has quite a few projects that he’s done, which include Kuby, KubeDB, Rux, and Scuttle, and we are going to learn all about them, what they do, and why you should use them. Also, find out how different things work in Kubernetes such as SSH, Cron, and running Migrations, as well as Cameron’s vision for Rux which includes three big ideas.
[00:03:38] Cameron fills us in on a project he’s working on called Kuby, and how he got started on it. 
[00:10:07] Cameron walks us through setting Kuby up for the first time.

[00:13:33] Chris wonders how Kuby works with databases. Cameron tells us about another really cool project called KubeDB.
[00:15:38] We learn how different things work in Kubernetes, such as SSH, Cron, and running Migrations.

[00:19:21] Cameron talks about Kubernetes having its own Cron job system, and Chris tells us he can’t wait to dig into this project since he knows more about it now! 

[00:21:56] Chris wonders if Cameron has any future plans on features and other things that he wants to add.  

[00:26:54] If you stopped your database stuff, Chris wonders if KubeDB stores that in a volume somewhere so that if you turned off Kubernetes for a day or five minutes to upgrade, that you still get to keep your databases, and Cameron gives us the run down. 

[00:29:18] Learn more about another project from Cameron called Rux, which is like a JSX for Ruby. Andrew also mentions his other project called Scuttle to check out.

[00:32:07] Andrew shares his thoughts on what’s really cool about Rux, and Cameron goes more in depth about the difference between the template.

[00:41:09] Cameron tells us his vision for Rux and why people should use this.

[00:47:14] Find out why Chris said the “import thing” is very interesting that Cameron was talking about.
[00:51:01] Andrew tells us you can all of this stuff with Bridgetown because that’s where he’s been doing it, and he gives them a shout out because there was just a big new release. Also, find out where you can follow Cameron online.

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Kubernetes, JSX for Ruby, and more with Cameron Dutro
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