Joined by CJ Avilla from Stripe

Jason is taking a road trip to visit Chris, and Andrew is still moving, so we hope to have him back with us soon. Today, we have a great guest joining us, CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate at Stripe. He also has a great YouTube channel if you need help, for beginners, juniors, or intermediate Web Developers to get you up to speed. This episode if packed full of information about Stripe and what it does beyond card payments. There are tons of exciting new things happening at Stripe in the next couple of months and CJ tells us about some of them. CJ helps Chris out with his payment stuff for iOS and he shares some advice for Jason on how to do tax rates. Also, we find out there’s a Stripe Sessions conference coming up in June, and CJ explains more about that.

[00:03:26] CJ tells us about himself and what he does at Stripe.

[00:07:18] We learn about two different paths and what Stripe does beyond card payments.

[00:09:21] Chris wonders since CJ knows Ruby, if he ends up doing every language and every front-end framework too. Chris talks about using Sinatra as well.

[00:12:48] CJ asks Chris how much Swift code he had to write or if he was using SwiftUI for his newly released iOS app for Jumpstart. 

[00:15:32] CJ helps Chris out with how he can do payment stuff for iOS versus the web with Stripe, and he tells us new things that are coming up with Stripe very soon. 

[00:16:52] Chris brings up the publishable key and then tells us about TurboBridge and what it does. 
[00:23:13] CJ fills us in on confirming Webhooks on web or mobile, and how you can automate fulfillment the same way, and he tells us about a demo he is working on right now with a payment method type called OXXO, which is a voucher-based payment type. 

[00:25:26] Find out about some other types of payment methods that are not credit card based or voucher based. 

[00:29:54] There’s something new coming soon about Elements, but for now CJ tells us how to currently set up Elements in Stripe.  Jason shares a story when he migrated one of his side projects and did some custom Elements stuff, issues he had with tax rates, and he wonders if things might change with the TaxJar acquisition. 

[00:35:29] An exciting announcement is made about a new product Stripe is launching called Payment Links and CJ explains how it works.

[00:39:07] There is a Stripe Sessions free conference happening in June, and CJ tells us where to go to sign up.

[00:43:10] Find out where you can follow CJ online.

Jason Charnes
Chris Oliver

CJ Avilla



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